January 5, 2014

Majestic /Heritage Empress Bridge on Sutlej at Hussianiwala ( Ferozepur ) - Pics

The Majestic Road ( on top ) cum Rail Bridge at Hussainiwala ( Ferozepur ), inaugurated on 02 March 1887 , was dismantled during the 1971 War. Its piers are intact.

The Bridge was an engineering marvel. It can be a heritage site.

For pic of the original bridge


The current state of the once majestic bridge (  piers are intact )


The original approach road  Overbridge ( at one end of the bridge for road to gain height above the railway line below )


For the Intact Eastern ( Left Bank - Ferozepur Side ) Approach Road Tower  http://www.panoramio.com/photo/68228395


The current dilapidated / damaged state of the Over bridge  ( Western side- Right  Bank - Kasur Side  )for Road Passage


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