January 22, 2011

Very Fine 1862 Victoria Queen Half Anna - British Indian Coin

Type British Indian Coins - Numismatics

A very fine condition ( which is very rare in case of copper coins  ). 1862 Victoria Queen Half Anna .

( Good condition silver coins are easier to find whereas gold coins are , invariably in good condition )

Regal issues ( i.e. after East India Company ) of Half Anna were minted for a very short period ( from 1862 to 1873 - Victoria Queen - all having  the year 1862 . After 1877 minting of Half Anna Coins was discontinued . Some silver rupees of same period have the same die as the copper half anna )

A very rare coin

Obverse - Victoria 's dress  has 4 and half panels.

Reverse - Number 1 in " 1862 " is slanted at the top.Letters " ANNA " is more or less   below the  line HALF " .





kulraj singh said...

great condition.
in how much can you sell?

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

We do not know much about rates .

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

At Ebay.in on 14-11-12 a similar Victoria Half Anna Copper Coin ( but not as Fine as the Coin shown here ) is being bid around Rs. 3500 . The Bid can go even higher.

Supap panta said...

I have one too I want to sell it It's from my grandmom...

Anonymous said...

Supapa Panta....
Pls share yr coin photo on


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himanshu gurjar said...

I have also a half anna india coin 1962 sm like this if any one wants to buy contact me on Himanshugurjar96@gmail.com